Is Your Medical Practice Due For A Business Medical?

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Growing A Medical Practice: From Frustration To A High Performance Business


Have you started a medical business, but found working harder isn’t growing the practice and business you envisioned?

Do you want to know what’s holding back your business?

Have you always been the smartest person in the room, but somehow you can’t seem to get on top of everything now that you’re a practice owner?

Growing a Medical Practice

About the book

Providing step-by-step advice to get and keep your practice running efficiently and effectively. 

If you really want to stop worrying about your medical business and focus on your zone of genius where you know you make the biggest difference to the largest number of people, then this is the book for you.

Many medical professionals feel like they've been studying their whole life, through Medical School and specialist training, but despite all that study they have never learned how to be a successful business owner. They build a business around their medical skills, but despite their high level of medical achievement they feel like their finances, overall stress levels and personal life are suffering, and they don't know where to start to fix it. 

If this sounds like you, Growing a Medical Practice will take you from analysis paralysis to confident action in making your business compliant and more manageable in a sustainable way. Readers will be able to create structures in their practice that mean they can effectively delegate, focus on their patients, and feel like a high-performance medical practitioner and business owner. In this comprehensive book you'll learn about:

  • why medical training does not prepare most doctors to lead a business
  • how mindset affects everything you do in your practice
  • understanding what a healthy business looks like
  • how to set up a medical business to grow
  • contributing to your community.

Growing a Medical Practice: From Frustration to a High Performance Business is the perfect handbook for medical professionals who are finding the running of their practice has become stressful and time-consuming. Providing practical and effective solutions so you can get your head back into focusing on patient care.

You'll Learn More About

The Value of Mindset: shifting from practice owner to business owner.

How to change your thinking about risk and the steps to take to set yourself up for success.

How to search for hidden problems that could cause unexpected complications.

About the Author

Sarah Bartholomeusz

Sarah is the founder and CEO of You Legal, a top tier legal concierge service. You Legal is a new category of law firm providing corporate and commercial legal services to clients, including ASX listed companies. You Legal’s team members are based throughout Australia and in five other countries.

Sarah’s clients call her the Goddess of Governance. Sarah’s insight into the way legal services are transforming was recognised in 2015 when she won the South Australian Telstra Business Women’s Award,  ‘Thought leader of the Year Award’ for 2016, has been a speaker at TEDx, and writes regularly for The Huffington Post and CEO Magazine.

Growing A Medical Practice:
From Frustration To A High Performance Business