Kingpin: Legal Lessons from the Underworld

Kingpin: Legal Lessons from the Underworld, our CEO, Sarah Bartholomeusz’s second book explores the crucial legal lessons mainstream businesses can learn from the inherently risky and volatile Underworld inhabited by the most infamous Kingpins in history. The book provides a wealth of diverse lessons our mainstream leaders will never encounter and cannot teach.

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About the Book

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Who are the most innovative and creative business leaders of all time? Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Nikola Tesla and Bill Gates usually come to mind, but is it possible that the most innovative and creative entrepreneurs operate on the fringe of business culture?

Despite the immoral, destructive and violent culture of the illicit drug trade, drug Kingpins are first and foremost entrepreneurs and risk managers. Pioneers of the underworld who live in an unpredictable and inherently risky world and face a wealth of diverse business challenges never encountered by our mainstream business leaders.

The most successful Kingpins are visionary leaders who survive by implementing effective business strategies and policies. By suspending our judgement of the drug dealer and focusing on the Kingpin, we open our minds to their skills, flaws, triumphs and downfalls, all of which are magnified by the volatile environment that shapes their enterprises. By bravely exploring where others fear to tread, Sarah Bartholomeusz reveals unique insights that have eluded the minds of the world’s most respected business experts and provides us with innovative approaches to managing risk during times of rapid change.

You’ll Learn More About


Kingpins can sell and they know customer service

Frank Lucas managed risks with organisation and oversight, implementing innovative smuggling and customer service strategies that guaranteed the continued success of his enterprise.


Kingpins know that it is all about the product

Khun Sa’s rise to power in the Golden Triangle opium trade can be attributed to his skill in developing and commanding a sophisticated army to focus on what he knew was most important: the product.


In the face of competition, Kingpins persevere

Grizelda Blanco flew under the radar of law enforcement by sustaining employee loyalty, and continued to operate her vast cocaine empire even after she was sentenced to prison.


Kingpins know how to inspire people

Dawood Ibrahim solidified his power by inspiring people to follow him, and he established D-Company, a sophisticated, diverse criminal network comprising both Hindus and Muslims.

About the Author


Sarah Bartholomeusz

Sarah is the founder and CEO of You Legal, a top tier legal concierge service. You Legal is a new category of law firm providing corporate and commercial legal services to clients, including ASX listed companies. You Legal’s team members are based throughout Australia and in five other countries.

You Legal’s Growth Shield provides clients with customised, watertight policy documentation. Policies are the strategic link between the vision for a business and its day-to-day operations. Growth Shield helps companies to future-proof their business by simply and transparently transforming their existing policy framework in a three-step process.

Sarah is the Chair of the Catalyst Foundation Inc. and she serves on the South Australian Government’s Education Standards Board.

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