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​Why You Need a Shareholder Agreement:

I'm in business with a friends, so I don't need it in writing.

This is one of the biggest mistakes made in business. Friendships are not immune to disputes.

 It's too expensive and I'm worried about a large legal bill at the end.

Which is why we have fixed price packages and make sure you know what you are paying upfront.

They are only for large companies who lots of shareholders.

Every sized company that has at least two shareholder's can benefit from a written Agreement.

Your common questions about Shareholder's Agreements.

What is a Shareholder's Agreement?
A Shareholder's Agreement allows you and fellow shareholders to agree on the rules of play in your business, including everything from management and board composition to valuation buy-ins and income distribution.

Do I need to have a Shareholder's Agreement?
Yes. As well as defining the management of your business. Agreements are invaluable when a shareholder wants to exit the business or a dispute arises.  A correctly drafted Agreement will address how disputes will be resolved or how someone will exit the business. 

What must a Shareholder's Agreement include:
To ensure you have a complete document your Agreement should include:

  • how many shares are on issue and what type
  • the roles within the company
  • the process for decision making
  • how shareholder's transfer their shares
  • situations in which people may be required to contribute extra funds; and
  • how and when to limit individual owner rights for the good of the team.

Can I write my own Shareholder's Agreement?
It's critical that your Shareholder's Agreement is unique to your business for it to function efficiently. The question you need to ask is you've spent time and effort establishing your business - would you want that to come unstuck because you didn't get a correctly drafted Agreement?

Do I need to update it?
Shareholder's Agreements need updating when there is any significant changes. Therefore, even if you have one in place already, it's worth periodically reviewing the Agreement you have in place to ensure it is up to date.

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What Happens When Things Go Wrong?
And why a Shareholder's Agreement can help. 

Events and conversations can be misinterpreted when not in writing. So while a verbal agreement may be in place, the exact details can become difficult to recall in times of stress.

An unexpected event leaves remaining shareholder's in limbo with no process to follow - this could be the result of ill health or someone wanting to leave the business. This can end up meaning expensive legal bills.

With no written document to rely on, things become very uncertain very quickly. When emotions are running high written documents are vital to provide the facts.

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