We are the specialists in providing top-tier corporate and commercial legal services online. Giving our clients access to high-quality services without them having to leave their office. We focus on providing practical solutions. Understanding our clients need more than just a legal answer to achieve their overall goals.

Contracting & Commercial Advice

We have a comprehensive understanding of commercial and business sensitivities. Our clients are provided with strategic and risk management advice, as well as drafting and review of contracts and agreements.

Legislative & Regulatory Advice / Compliance

Our lawyers are well versed in all legislation and regulatory requirements that apply to our clients. We thoroughly research and share relevant content as legislation changes occur, providing personalised advice to our clients.

Data Protection & Privacy Advice

Data protection and privacy have become prevalent issues in the digital age. Our team are experts in legal developments and requirements relating to Privacy, Freedom of Information and Confidentiality.

Corporate Law

We advise on all aspects of corporate governance. Including preparation of Shareholder’s Agreements, drafting Director’s and Shareholder’s Resolutions and providing top tier Corporations Act advice to clients.

We also support clients in drafting Policies and provide a complete Policy review process through our Growth Shield service.

Employment Law

Our clients rely on us for all aspects of Employment Law, from negotiating and drafting employment contracts, to workplace investigations and assistance with termination and suspension of employment arrangements.


We work with health sector entrepreneurs in developing new ways of delivering health services using technology-based solutions. As the health sector is highly regulated, our clients depend on us for practical advice in navigating these complex laws and regulations.

We have advised app developers, start-ups and established businesses about the privacy law requirements which apply to them, the obligations of health practitioners and the protection of intellectual property.


Our team have legal expertise across a broad range of practice areas. Contact us today for a no obligation chat.