You Legal has already revolutionised the way you access legal services, so now we want to tackle something truly important – how to make 2016 a great year for you and your business. 

We all know that new year’s resolutions rarely work out, nonetheless, year after year, most people persist in making at least a few. Why? Because it always feels good to start a new year with aims and goals.

That’s why we believe in making agreements instead of resolutions and in this week’s You Legal TV we show you just how to do that for a successful 2016 – no lawyers required, guaranteed!

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So New Years Eve has been and gone and with it the inevitable resolution making. In 300 something days we are all going to be a few kilos lighter, our bank accounts a few thousand dollars heavier, we’ll be eating better, drinking very little, saving a lot, and of course doing a full monthly marathon. Yes in celebration of the New Year, this weeks You Legal TV, is a little less focused on legal and a little more focused on you. By now, we all know that resolutions rarely work out but what if instead of resolutions we make agreements. Just like you do with clients, suppliers, and employees. Agreements for our business and ourselves, agreements that will make you take action and leave you feeling empowered, rather than disappointed. Here’s how to forge head.

You’ve wooed investors with your pitch, set out the Term Sheet and prepared the Share Offer document, but you may find that experienced venture capitalists will also expect a Share Subscription Agreement.

Number one, focus on it. Just like a good contract, an agreement with yourself will have an aim for you to focus on. Whether it’s a tangible goal or a change in approach. So do just that. Make it specific, write it down, plan it out, sow it, water it, watch it grow, and reap the rewards.

Number two, have a partner in crime. While the other party in a contract is likely to drag you through court, if you stray off course. We’re thinking of a buddy who will keep you accountable in nicer ways. Grab a good friend, coworker, or your business partner to develop and set up your agreements. Then make a regular schedule for checking in.

Number three, check in on your progress. Progress can mean reaching a certain goal or it can be found in small subtle moments. A new response to an old situation, saying yes when you usually say no, a shift in perception, or a greater awareness of how you operate. Be sure to acknowledge it.

Number four, revisit and revise. Even with the best will and the best lawyer in the world a contract will frequently not work in the long term and require amendment. Make room for that with your agreements. A feeling of flexibility will not only make it easier to commit, but it’s also more likely to lead to the desired outcome.

We here at You Legal hope this helps in setting you up for a successful and prosperous 2016. If there’s anyway we can assist you in making this a great year for you, please get in touch.

In other exciting start of year news, You Legal is proud to have won the Most Outstanding Agriculture Law Firm – Australia category in Corporate LiveWire’s 2016 Innovation & Excellence Awards. The awards give recognition to businesses that are leading the way in their respective industries, which is always something we strive for here at You Legal.

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